Cookie Dough Fundraisers – 3 Tips for Success

Cookie dough fundraisers can be a great way to earn extra money for your school or organization. These fundraisers tend to be easy to run, profitable and delicious as well. Of course, even though this is a profitable fundraising choice, there are ways to increase profits and the overall success of a fundraiser. Here are three great tips that will help you to make the most of your next cookie dough school fundraiser.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

Timing is critical in planning a fundraiser. If you plan on hosting multiple fundraisers during the year you need to be sure that you schedule enough time between fundraisers. Generally those making purchases will be the same with each fundraiser and you don’t want to overextend your buyers.

Another timing factor to consider is scheduling your cookie dough fundraiser at a time when it won’t conflict with other fundraisers. Cookie dough fundraisers are very versatile and can be done any time of the year so it is important to schedule your seasonal fundraisers, like holiday gift wrap and spring bulbs, first and then to find a convenient time for the cookie dough. This will allow you to fill your fundraising schedule and increase the profit potential for your school.

Set Clear Goals

The best way to ensure success is to set a goal and then work toward it. For example if you would like to sell 150 tubs of cookie dough set this as your goal. Once you achieve your goal you can know that your fundraiser was successful. In addition to setting school fundraising goals, you need to learn to communicate and share these goals with others. Let the students know how many tubs of dough the school hopes to sell and update them as progress is made. Remember that the best goals require us to stretch, but are still achievable. With a clear goal in mind you will be able to better determine how your fundraiser is doing and where modifications are needed. If you don’t reach your goal determine what went wrong and make plans for doing better the next time.

Get Help

A school fundraiser is a group effort, so don’t try to do everything on your own. Make a list of all the tasks that you will need to complete and find parents and other school volunteers to pitch in and help. One of the biggest challenges of a cookie dough fundraiser is distribution. The dough is typically made fresh and must be refrigerated at all times. This means that you will need a lot of fridge space and coolers when it comes time to pass out orders to students. Talk with potential volunteers weeks before you will need them so that you aren’t struggling at the last moment to find the help you need.

Cookie dough fundraisers are a great fundraising choice for schools. These tips will help you to plan and execute a successful school fundraiser time and time again. While fundraising might be a lot of work it is a great opportunity to earn the money that your school needs.

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Fundraising Tips for Your Daycare

There are many parents that are busy working, so they need to bring their kids to daycare. Indeed, parents are thankful of having daycares out there, since they perform essential service, but they are at times unfunded. There are many daycares out there that provide low prices to attract customers, but they need to pay for their supplies, equipment, facility, foods, toys and wages for their employees. But, if they make their prices high, they will definitely lose customers.

In order for them to find help, they conduct fundraising. Actually, parents would be very much willing to help out in doing fundraising. This article will provide fundraising tips for daycares out there.

One of the great ways for daycare to raise money is by selling products with a fundraising company. You can sell anything; it can be candy, magazines, candles, greeting cards and so on. People would not turn down such opportunity to buy stuff that they want. Conducting such fundraising way needs a lot of money and volunteers to help you up, since you need to buy stuffs and sell it.

Typically, daycare operates at the morning, and it is close at night and weekends. If you own the building, you can rent it out every night and weekends. You can rent out the space to churches and children’s groups. In doing this, you can raise money and can pay for your facility. But, be assured that those who will rent out the space will maintain the cleanliness of your facility.

Another way is by transforming your space into a recreational center every weekend. In doing this, you can help out your facility in raising money at the same time your providing a safe place for teens to dance every weekends.

You can ask parents to donate stuffs such as toys, clothes, and so on. You can transform a part of your facility into a used toys and clothes store. You can resell the stuffs that you got to some parents who are looking for a deal. But, before selling the toys, you need to check them all up, make sure to abide with the safely rules for the children.

Another way that you can do to raise money is by taking photos of the children doing activities, then post them into the bulletin boards and let parents choose the photos that they want to have copies with. Check out the cost you will have in getting the photo printed, if it cost you $0.50, you can charge the parents for $1.00.

Whatever method you choose and decide on, you can obtain extra money that you can use with your daycare.

For more info see: How to start a daycare center

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3 Tips For Quick Fundraising

Do you run a not for profit organization? Are you involved in another type of establishment? Well many people, businesses and organizations all depend on the beauty of fundraising. It is an event that can raise the funds you need to operate or to accomplish goals as well as offer donors and patrons something in return for their gratuitous donation. Here are three tips for successful fundraising.

-Find something inexpensive and popular to sell such as chocolate. We all love candy and this is sure to sell often and repeatedly.

-Make sure people know about your fundraising event! Don’t just set up shop on the street to sell candy or wait around for people to come to you. Write up a press release, hand out flyers and have all of your colleagues spread the word about your worthy cause in order to guarantee a higher turn out.

-Always be sure to thank people who help your cause. You will be surprised how far this simple gesture goes and in this type of scenario where you are selling something like chocolate, this could even cause them to come back and buy more!

See, fundraising does not have to be strenuous or otherwise difficult. There are fun methods designed to make fundraising both interesting, rewarding and ultimately successful in helping your cause. You would also be surprised how small purchases add up even though large donations sound tempting as well. Consider the above tips and see what this type of fundraising can do for your organization.

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